Children’s Ministry

Youth ministry at Harvest Baptist Church is a vital part of our church. We take our youth program very seriously as did Jesus (Luke 18:16). Our youth program encourages and challenges youth to get to know our Lord Jesus Christ, believe on Him for salvation, and trust and obey His word.
Harvest Baptist Church’s youth program covers children of all ages. From the nursery to young adult we have something for everyone. Worship for our youth include singing songs, prayer, and studying the bible through teaching and games with a biblical lesson behind them. We have a strong mix of congregational time and separate learning so our youth can become more comfortable with Sanctuary/congregation worship.


All of our classes are geared to work with the children through though provoking messages and Bible centered activities. Keeping messages relevant for the age is a particular opportunity for us here at Harvest Baptist Church, we understand the importance of reaching the youth and assisting parents as they raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. First time visiting with us? Click here to learn more.


Teens are a big part of ministry here at Harvest Baptist Church. Teens are encouraged to not only learn God’s word, but participate in the worship as well. Our youth leaders work hard to help teach responsibility, ethics and leadership to our teens. We have special activities for our teens that include: get together’s and youth trips to various places. All activities are centered around the word of God rather than just a place for them to “hang out”.  (Ezek. 16:19)

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Patch The Pirate Club

Our kids are having such a great time with our patch the pirate club! The Adventures of Patch the Pirate radio broadcast is recognized by the National Religious Broadcasters as being the third largest children’s religious programming outreach. Our kids will go through different adventures with Patch the Pirate each week while learning about our Lord and Savior.  Below is the Sailor Salute: